When Santa came to town

On Sunday the big man himself came to our village – yes Santa was here!

Santa Claus came to town!

Little Mr A was very excited to see him and tell him everything he wants for Christmas (although I was not very pleased when Santa told him he would be getting something he most definitely isn’t!!!).  Little Miss A had her first experience of Santa too as she got to sit on his knee.  Santa seemed quite taken with her and I thought he might take her off to be a new elf!

Little Mr A confirmed this was the real Santa (unlike the one he had seen at a Christmas party the day before who was apparently just a ‘man in a beard’!) so that was good news!

Little Mr A got two cars as his Santa gift and Little Miss A got a lovely teddy which she is very taken with!

Christmas is so exciting again now we have children, I can’t remember what we used to do when it was just the two of us!

Little Miss A with her first ever present from Santa

Little Miss A with her first ever present from Santa


Little Mr A ready for his Christmas play


Little Mr A ready for his Christmas play

Little Mr A in his Christmas play outfit (don’t think you can call it a nativity when One Direction are in it?!). Thanks to Grandma for the beard 🙂

Little Mr A’s first letter to Santa


So proud of Little Mr A.  This is the first letter he has written himself to Santa.  Can’t believe how much his writing has come on recently he doesn’t often show us at home!

A message from Santa

A couple of years ago my Mum found a website where you can create your own message from Santa.  The first couple of times we made one for Little Mr A he didn’t understand and it was more for our amusement, however, last year he really believed it was Santa giving him a message and it was very useful if we wanted him to behave as we would show him his video and Santa would tell him to be good!

It’s a great personalised message, which includes your child’s name, where they live and you can tailor it to include what you have asked them to do this year to be good.  You can choose whether your child has been naughty, nice or a bit of both and include pictures of your child.

The basic message is free or you can pay for certain extras/downloads.  I have never paid for any extras the free message is great and you can watch as many times as you like.

I loved the magic of Christmas when I was a child and now I have children of my own I am enjoying the magic all over again and love to see Little Mr A’s face when he receives his Santa message!  Next year Santa will have two messages to deliver, I just hope he’s not too busy.

Visit http://www.portablenorthpole.com/home to create your own message from Santa.


I want, I want, I want!

Now Little Mr A is getting older he is wanting to watch programs on the more ‘grown up’ children’s channels which means one thing, especially this time of the year, adverts!

How many is too many?

I have lost count of the things he is going to ‘ask Santa’ for!  I have tried to explain to him that Santa cannot afford to ‘make’ all of the things he would like.  Everything that is advertised looks ‘cool’.  Even the girl’s toys he says I can have and he can help me play with them!

We have bought him a couple of things that he has asked for but cannot afford to buy everything he wants.  He has so many toys already it is a struggle to know what to get him!  I just hope he is not disappointed on Christmas morning when he doesn’t get everything he wants.

Little Mr A got a ridiculous amount of presents for his first Christmas!

It is a shame Christmas has become so commercial (even for 4 year olds!).  We all love getting presents but Christmas should be for spending time with family, not having to stress about how many presents we should be buying for our children.