Diary of a New Born


23rd February 2013

A week or so ago I managed to roll over a couple of times whilst no-one was watching!  Since then I have given up trying but since yesterday I have realised I can roll and I haven’t stopped since!  Watch me go…

4 months

Mummy & Daddy were getting a bit fed up with me not drinking any milk in the mornings.  I just don’t fancy it for breakfast!  As I am now 4 months they said I could try a little bit of baby cereal so this morning I had some food for the first time!  It was yummy banana flavoured.  At first I was a bit unsure but by the end I was loving it!  Can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow!  Here I am enjoying my first food…

16 weeks

This week Mummy & me finished our baby massage course.  It has been great fun, I really love having my legs massaged, not sure about my face though, it makes me quite grumpy!

I am really active now, I am always bringing my legs up to grab my feet and can now roll onto my side.  I don’t think it will be long until I can roll right over!  When I am on my front I love to bring up my knees, once my arms are stronger I will be off.

13 weeks

This week I had to have my tounge tie snipped.  I was very brave and only cried a little.

11 weeks + 1

Tonight I slept through for the first time! Mummy and daddy were very happy 🙂 I was very hungry when I woke up so decided to try and feed myself!

Week 11 – I’m a wriggly worm…

This week I have had my first trip up to Scotland to visit my Aunty L, Uncle N and cousins J & E.  While I am here I have been doing lots of wriggling and am trying to roll myself over already.  Mummy tried to catch me on video but I didn’t quite make it!  She says she will have her phone attached to her now to catch it when I get there otherwise no-one will believe it!

Week 7 – 8  I’ve been a busy girl!

Well I have had a couple of busy weeks!  On Saturday Daddy and Little Mr A took me to a Christmas party at Daddy’s work whilst Mummy was away for the day where I met someone called Santa (although Little Mr A told me this wasn’t the real Santa!).  Then on Sunday I went to a local fete in our village and met him again and got to sit on his knee which I was very good about considering I was woken up for it (Little Mr A said this was the real one!).  Santa gave me a lovely pink teddy which Daddy has affectionately called ‘Ted Ted’.  Mummy says Santa is a very nice man who brings you presents at Christmas if you are good.

Santa Claus came to town!On Monday Mummy took me to Babies playgroup which we hadn’t been to for a couple of weeks.  It was the last one before the Christmas break and I got to do my first ever craft.  It’s a hand print robin which has now taken up place on our Christmas tree.  What do you think?!

My first ever craft!

My first ever craft!

Today Mummy took me to have my first lot of injections.  I was a very good girl and only screamed once before going back to sleep again!

Mummy and Daddy are having to keep an eye on my feeding and weight at the moment as I am still not drinking as much milk as I should 😦  I only like to have 3oz then get bored!  I now weigh 9lb 14oz 🙂  Mummy says I will have to go to the hospital soon to have my tounge tie snipped which doesn’t sound very nice but hopefully it will mean I can drink more milk and maybe even start sleeping through the night?!

Over the past couple of weeks I have started noticing some strange things at the end of my arms which Mummy calls my hands.  They are great for grabbing things with and putting in front of my mouth, especially at 3 o’clock in the morning when Mummy tries to feed me!

Me and 'Ted Ted'

Me and ‘Ted Ted’

Bye for now


Weeks 5 & 6 – Things have been a bit hard!

Things have not been great the past couple of weeks.  I have not been feeding as well as I should and not been drinking as much as I should be.  Mummy took me to the Doctors and she thinks it is because of my tounge tie so I may have to go to the hospital and have it snipped.  Mummy promises it won’t hurt and after that I should be able to feed better.

Other than that I am doing well.  I am giving everyone lots of big smiles and starting to coo lots.  I am still sleeping well but Mummy and Daddy are hoping I sleep through soon!

I was 9lb 7oz when Mummy took me to get weighed at 5 weeks.

Week 4 – Back to normality


Well after a busy few weeks mummy and me are finally settling into a good routine. Although It’s been nice having people take time off work to spend time with us its nice to finally be getting back to some kind of normality. Anyway mummy was getting fat from all the coffee and cake!

I have been a bit grumpy and very clingy this week and haven’t been enjoying my milk so much, but I am still sleeping well and going 5 hours most nights without a feed which means mummy is much happier in the mornings!

I have lost some hair this week and have quite a big bald patch! I’m hoping it will start to grow back next week!

Also this week mummy took me to a baby play session. It was great fun and I loved looking at all the lights. I hope we go again next week!

Week 3 – I’m Smiling!

Well I’m now 3 weeks old and I think I have nearly met everybody now!  Things are starting to quieten down and I am getting into a great routine, only waking Mummy and Daddy once during the night to have some yummy milk.

There were lots of big bangs outside over the weekend and on Monday night.  Mummy said it is bonfire night.  We watched lots of pretty sparkles out of the window, it was too cold to go outside!
Grandma has had the week off to spend time with me and Mummy which

has been nice.  We have been out for lots of tea and cake!

Mummy what’s this?


I am taking lots of notice of things around me now and I love my big bro reading stories to me.  I have started smiling at people too especially Mummy and Grandma when they talk in funny voices to me!

I was weighed again on Tuesday (6th November).  I am now 8lb 7oz!

Week 2

Wednesday 24th October – Today is Daddy’s last day of paternity leave so we all went out for lunch at our local family pub.  I can’t wait until I am old enough to play in Wacky Warehouse!  After lunch we went to meet lots more people at Daddy’s work then Mummy and Daddy took me to get my birth registered.  I am official now!

Thursday 25th October – Today was mine and Mummy’s first day alone together.  I behaved and Mummy said she enjoyed spending a girly day together.

Friday 26th October – Today Granny came to stay for the weekend.  We went out for some lunch then Granny looked after me whilst Mummy picked my brother up from school.

Saturday 27th October – What a busy day!  Shopping in the morning, then in the afternoon we went to East Park and my big brother got to go on lots of fairground rides.  It looked like lots of fun, maybe I will get to go on some next year.  After the fair Granny took us all out for tea at Frankie and Bennys.

Sunday 28th October – Apparently next week is something called Halloween so my big brother carved a pumpkin.  It was not very scary!  Granny left today and took big bro with her for a few days so Mummy and Daddy can spend some time just with me.

Do you like my pumpkin?!

Monday 29th October – Today we did nothing!  We all sat on the sofa all day watching t.v.  The midwife came to weigh me later on.  I am now 7lb 13oz!  Mummy and Daddy have put my feed up to 4oz now so maybe I can sleep a bit longer!
Tuesday 30th October – Today I had my first sleepover at Granny and Gramps’ house.  I slept really well, I am going 4 hours between feeds now and only wake up once in the night.  Mummy and Daddy are very happy with me!

Changing so much…

Mummy says she is no good at filling in baby books so I should keep a diary to record my milestones, so here goes, my first week in the world…..

Wednesday 17th October – 10.50 p.m. –  Weeeeee……Where am I?  This water is nice and warm.  Who’s this?  I recognise her voice?  Ah it’s Mummy, and that man behind her must be Daddy.  Nice to meet you at last!

Thursday 18th October – Today I got to meet the other ‘voice’ I have been hearing for the past 9 months.  He is my Big Brother.  He seems very nice and keeps telling me he loves me!  I also got to meet my Grandma and Grandad today.

Meeting my Big Brother for the first time – he had no idea I had arrived until he came home from school!

Friday 19th October – Only 2 days old and I have been to my first party!  Mummy and Daddy said it was a wedding reception of my second cousin.  I got to meet lots more people today, my Grandad and Great Grandparents and lots of great Aunties and Uncles.  I will never remember everyone’s name!

All dressed up ready for my first party!

Saturday 20th October – Today I got to meet more people.  They are called Granny and Gramps.  I also got introduced to my Aunty and Uncle and cousins in Edinburgh when we spoke to them over the computer.  Mummy and Daddy say I still have lots more people that want to meet me!

Sunday 21st October – Today I got to meet another Aunty and Uncle.  That is the last of the visitors for now which is probably a good thing as my wardrobe is overflowing with lots of lovely new clothes people keep bringing for me!  I also got to have a splish splash in the bath today with my Big Brother.  I loved splashing around, I think I might be quite a water baby!

Splishy Splashy fun with my Big Brother!

Tuesday 23rd October – Today I had my first Costa and supermarket trips.  Well Mummy and Daddy told me I did anyway, I didn’t bother to wake up!  I’m sure there will be plenty more trips to come!

That was an exciting first week in the world, I can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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