Haloween – Should we celebrate it?

Halloween seems to have become a new holiday in the last few years with more and more pressure put on parents to spend a fortune on costumes, sweets and even decorations for the house!

I am not sure whether I agree with Halloween being celebrated to such an extent and I don’t really like the idea of my little boy knocking on a stranger’s door asking for sweets!


I have however bowed to some pressure from Little Mr A, he has carved a pumpkin and I will let him get dressed up to give sweets to any trick or treaters that come knocking on our door, however, I will not be decorating the house or letting him go trick or treating himself.

Do you like my pumpkin?!

Maybe I am just a bad mum and should relax more?  We never celebrated Halloween as children and I don’t feel I missed out on anything.  There is too much pressure on parents these days to throw money at all these new ‘holidays’ when surely just spending time as a family is the most important thing?