Haloween – Should we celebrate it?

Halloween seems to have become a new holiday in the last few years with more and more pressure put on parents to spend a fortune on costumes, sweets and even decorations for the house!

I am not sure whether I agree with Halloween being celebrated to such an extent and I don’t really like the idea of my little boy knocking on a stranger’s door asking for sweets!


I have however bowed to some pressure from Little Mr A, he has carved a pumpkin and I will let him get dressed up to give sweets to any trick or treaters that come knocking on our door, however, I will not be decorating the house or letting him go trick or treating himself.

Do you like my pumpkin?!

Maybe I am just a bad mum and should relax more?  We never celebrated Halloween as children and I don’t feel I missed out on anything.  There is too much pressure on parents these days to throw money at all these new ‘holidays’ when surely just spending time as a family is the most important thing?


1 thought on “Haloween – Should we celebrate it?

  1. I agree with you, for me Halloween is no big deal, and I don’t like the thought of knocking on people’s doors for sweets. However, it is one of my daughter’s favourite days (or evenings) and she thinks it should be a national holiday. So though I don’t decorate the house, she does dress up, I do buy sweets for trick or treaters (including her) and now she’s older she does want to go out with her friends to trick or treat herself. So far there’s always been a grown up with them (me or one of her friend’s mums) but as she gets older I can see that changing… I think as long as she’s in a group and just stays very local she will be fine (though I do worry about the day she does want to go out without a grown up, I will probably follow behind her without her knowing!)

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