Story Time

Since Little Mr A started back at school after Christmas his reading has really come on.  PushHe is now bringing home two books at a time, a phonics book (which are gradually getting longer and harder) and now an Oxford Reading Tree book with more difficult words.  He loves reading and can’t wait to read the books to us when we get home.  When we are out and about he is forever reading signs, sides of lorries, wherever there are letters really!

I have videoed him reading his latest books as I thought it would be really nice to remember how he started reading and it will be interesting to look back in a few months to see how he has progressed.

Max’s Box….


Short Story!

At bath time Little Mr A asked me to make up some stories for him which he was acting out with his plastic characters that he plays with in the bath (Postman Pat and Bob the Builder amongst others).  I made up a very elaborate (and excellent!) story about Postman Pat delivering lots of parcels in the snow which Little Mr A had great fun acting out.

Little Mr A then decided he would tell me a story which went something like this…

‘Postman Pat woke up.  There were no parcels to deliver so he had a cup of tea.  The end!

Thanks for that Little Mr A!