Feeling let down…

Today was the day we had to take Little Miss A to the hospital for her tongue tie to be snipped.  I was hoping to be able to come back and tell you all about the wonderful experience we had.  Unfortunately (but not unsurprisingly given my past experiences with the NHS!) that is not the case.

When we went in to see the Dr and he asked how she was feeding.  We explained she was being bottle fed and that although she was feeding she was not having as much as she should and therefore we had been advised to have her tounge tie dealt with by our GP and Health Visitor to see if that helped her.

We popped her on the bed and he had a look in her mouth.  When he did, obviously, she had a little cry, wouldn’t you if some stranger put their fingers in your mouth?!  He then turned around and said he wouldn’t do it today he wanted to do it under anesthetic at a later date!  Both Big Mr A and I looked at each other in bewilderment.  We explained again to the Dr why we were there i.e. because we had been referred by our GP.

He then said that if she was a breastfed baby and having problems he would have done it there and then.  This is when I went into a bit of a meltdown!  I was already, understandably, a bit stressed about having to put my baby through such an ordeal without the ‘B’ word coming up again!  I said to him, as best I could through my tears (!), ‘So if I was breastfeeding you would do it today?’.  His basic answer was ‘yes’.  I asked what the difference was, we had been referred because of her ‘feeding’ issues, surely it doesn’t matter how they are being fed?!!  He said those were the guidelines for breastfed babies, there are no guidelines for bottle fed babies – don’t they think there should be?!

Reluctantly, he agreed to do it (probably just to stop me making ant more of a scene!) but said she would probably cry!  Er, no *@#” Sherlock, I’d never thought of that, we were just here for a nice morning out!  When I asked if it would hurt her, he just shrugged his shoulders!  I know you can’t ask a baby if something hurts but surely with his experience he must know whether it hurts or is just uncomfortable?!

Anyway I am pleased to say the procedure itself was fine – well so Big Mr A told me – I couldn’t face being in the room, as much as I wanted to be there for her I am just too squeamish and I knew she had her Daddy with her so she wasn’t alone.  Yes, she screamed for a couple of minutes but after that she was fine.  There was a little bit of blood but she didn’t appear to be in any pain.

I did apologise to the Dr for getting upset but it is hard enough to make these decisions for your children without being made to feel even worse.  I appreciate there are guidelines to be followed but maybe it’s about time the NHS started treating both breastfeeding and bottle feeding Mummies the same and had guidelines for both.

I wish they had told me when she was born just to get her tongue tie dealt with then we wouldn’t have had any of these worries.  At the time they said it may or may not need doing and it was up to us.  We weren’t really given any information about it.  I would say to anyone wondering whether or not to get it done – just do it whilst they are tiny!

My brave little princess after her ordeal xxx

My brave little princess after her ordeal xxx

To top it all off we were told to stay at the hospital for 5-10 minutes to make sure the bleeding stopped so we decided to go to the cafe for the only thing I had been looking forward to, a Mocha!  Big Mr A put his money in the machine and it said there were no cups left.  As we were in the cafe he asked one of the staff for a cup only to be told they couldn’t give him one!

I am so glad today is over with and hope we don’t have to make any more trips to the hospital any time soon.

Review – Tommee Tippee – Complete Starter Kit

When I had a couple of months left of my pregnancy, having decided I was not going to breastfeed, we started looking for bottles/steriliser etc.  Last time we used the Philips Avent set but I had not been overly impressed with it.

Having looked at all the different brands available we decided on Tommee Tippee.  We decided to purchase the starter kit which has everything we needed in it rather than purchasing all of the different items separately.

Tommee Tippee Starter Set

Tommee Tippee Starter Set

In the set you get:

  • Electric Steam Steriliser
  • Travel Steriliser
  • Electric Bottle and Food Warmer
  • 2 x 150ml Closer to Nature Easi-Vent Bottles with Slow Flow Teats
  • 4 x 260ml Closer to Nature Easi-Vent Bottles with Slow Flow Teats
  • 2 x Medium Flow Teats – 3-6m
  • 2 x Fast Flow Teats – 6m+
  • 4 x Milk Storage Lids
  • 6 x Milk Powder Dispensers – 0m+
  • 2 x Insulated Bottle Bags
  • 1 x Bottle and Teat Brush

We have found the electric steriliser works really well and has a very quick cycle (around 5 minutes).   It is not too large or bulky and you can fit 6 of the smaller bottles in comfortably with a dummy case and a couple of dummies (though we haven’t moved onto the bigger bottles yet I don’t think we will have any problems space wise).


We have used the travel steriliser a few times.  It is very handy when you just need to sterilise one bottle/dummy.  You just pop in some water and put it in the microwave for 8 minutes (although our microwave has broken at the moment so not much use!).


The bottle warmer is also very good quality.  There are three temperature settings.  We have it set to the highest setting and it takes 5 minutes to warm a 4oz bottle straight from the fridge to the right temperature.


As for the bottles themselves they are really nice.  They are a great shape making them really comfortable to hold.  Little Miss A has recently started grabbing the bottle and it looks like she will be able to get a really good grip on them.  They are easy to take apart to clean and put back together again!  They fit really well in the accessories you get with this set.


The other accessories are great.  You get two of the insulated bottle bags which are really good quality and fit both the small and large bottles.  The bottle brush is good as you can pull it in half and the ‘handle’ part can be used to clean the teats properly.

bag brush

My only complaint is that you only get 2 of the small bottles.  We bought 4 more just so we wouldn’t have to have the steriliser on all day!  The only other thing is you only get 2 of the second stage teats and two of the third stage teats.  Again, we have now had to buy 4 extra of the second size teats.

Since buying the Tommee Tippee set, as well as adding the extra bottles and teats, we have also purchased the Travel Bottle and Food Warmer.  I found, when out and about with Little Mr A, most eating places were unwilling to provide me with hot water to heat his bottle and would only allow me to give them the bottle to warm.  This was OK but not ideal, especially when it was busy and you had to try and get someones attention to get the bottle back!

This product is great.  You fill it with boiling water before you go out then, when it is time to heat the bottle, you pour the hot water into the container that the flask goes into for carrying, place the bottle into the container then, when you have heated the bottle put the hot water back in the flask.  The water stays hot for around 6 hours and we have managed to heat two bottles during the course of a day out with the same water.

Travel warmer

Travel warmer

For the price I am really pleased with the quality of these products.  The fact that the additional items are so readily available is also really handy!  I would recommend the Tommee Tippee products to anyone looking for bottles/accessories.