What a week!

I knew the past month was too good to be true!  After a great 4 weeks things have taken a turn for the worse!

For starters Little Mr A has been somewhat challenging. He does not listen to anything I tell him at all and has wet himself twice this week when getting home from school. I think it is just attention seeking as Little Miss A is taking up a lot of our time at the moment. Thankfully he seems to be getting on much better at school and I have not been called to see the teacher since half term!

As for Little Miss A, she has started fussing with her milk. She will only take 2-3 ounces at a time rather than the 4-5 she should be taking. It is taking ages to even get that down her and she keeps falling asleep before she has finished! This means she is only staying satisfied for 2-3 hours before she starts getting grisly. During the day it Is not too much of a problem but at night it is starting to wear a bit thin and neither me nor Big Mr A have had any decent periods of sleep this week! We have changed her to faster flowing teats now which seems to be helping a bit!


To top it all off we have had to spend nearly £400 on the car this week.  Just what we need before Christmas!

Fingers crossed next week will be easier (or at least less expensive!).

Little Miss A is tired out after her first trip to the ‘babies play’ session!