The wonder of water – My birth story second time around!

Glad I was warned how ‘blue’ Little Miss A would be with a water birth!

I can’t believe it has already been over a week since I was in hospital giving birth!  After feeling like she would never arrive, last Wednesday things happened quite quickly!
I woke up Wednesday morning feeling like I might be having proper contractions, however, after having had braxton hicks for a few days I didn’t want to get my hopes up that things might actually be happening.  Following a sweep the contractions really started coming.  Thankfully my Mum was off work and came to spend the day with me.  I was told to keep on my feet so, after doing the ironing, pots and cleaning we went for a walk in the local town and out for lunch, all the while having contractions!  I can’t believe what a whimp I was first time around, all I did whilst having contractions was lay around moaning!
After picking up Little Mr A from school Mum took him back to her house so he would not have to worry about Mummy being in hospital.
Come 8 o’clock the contractions were coming really strong and I decided to call the hospital.  I was told to hold out for a bit longer if I could before going in.  Another hour passed and I really couldn’t wait any longer even though the hospital said I needed to be having more contractions before coming in!
A very painful 25 minute journey to the hospital followed!  I was getting a lot of pressure and didn’t know whether we would actually make it to the hospital or not!  Thankfully we arrived on the labour ward about 10 o’clock.  Following a quick examination it turned out I was over 7cm dilated and the birthing pool was quickly filled up!
As soon as I got in the pool I could not believe how calming and relaxing the warm water was.  The urge to push came almost immediately and, a bit of gas and air, and 20 minutes later Little Miss A was born at 10.50 p.m.
It was so nice to be in the water and have her placed on me.  We were left for a good 20 minutes to enjoy the water and let Little Miss A ‘wake up’ to the world!
I am so glad I got to have my water birth this time, it was so relaxing and I am so proud of myself for being so brave this time around, in fact the first thing I said to the midwife after giving birth was ‘can I do it again’, I think Big Mr A might take a bit more convincing though!