Little Mr A has been feeling quite down recently, mainly through being overtired from school but he has also been feeling very jealous of Little Miss A and all the attention she obviously needs.  He has been wanting us to feed him and has insisted on watching CBeebies again, as well as wanting to be carried everywhere by his Daddy!

Last night was a particularly horrendous night with Little Mr A coming into our bed about 1 o’clock and refusing to leave us.

Today he asked to look at some of the old photos of him as a baby and, after I had shown him a few I dug out the DVD we had made of him of lots of videos when he was a baby.  He seemed to really enjoy watching it and I hope it has made him realise he was a baby once too and it is not that we don’t love him anymore, he just has to understand he is growing up and Little Miss A takes up lots of our attention.

'Little' Little Mr A

‘Little’ Little Mr A

We have had a much nicer evening with him, he had a fun bath, then we all snuggled on the bed to watch In the Night Garden and he went to bed without any fuss.

Looking back at his video was really nice for us too.  We had forgotten what he was like as a baby (a bit grumpy most of the time!) and have said we need to start taking more videos of both of them.  Photos are all well and good but they don’t always capture things as well as a video.

We have made a start tonight at bathtime…..


How did others cope with elder sibling jealousy?  Any tips to make him feel less left out?

Feeding troubles

At the moment we are having a few problems with Little Miss A’s feeding and weight gain.  Last week we thought we had turned a corner as she was drinking more milk per feed and feeding more often, however, this week she seems to have gone back to her old ways!  She is only drinking 3-4 oz per feed (with the occasional 5oz feed) which, for a 12 week old baby is less than she ‘should be’ drinking.  She is still having 6 feeds a day with one through the night, however, this feed seems to be getting later and most nights she does not wake until 4-5am.

Little Miss A enjoying her milk last week!

Little Miss A enjoying her milk last week!

I take her to get weighed every week at the moment and although she is putting on weight, it is not as much as the health visitor would like.  She is now 11lb 1oz and is following just below the 25th centile line.

I am trying not to concern myself too much with how much she feeds as she seems to be happy and content most of the time and is starting to stay awake more to play.  When she does play she is very active and strong, wriggling away and even trying to roll over on occasion!

We are having her tounge tie snipped in a couple of weeks and are hoping she may be able to take more at a feed after that, however, we are not convinced!  It does not seem to be that she gets tired sucking, it seems that she just can’t take any more than 3-4 oz at a feed.

We have tried getting her into a routine, however, this was not successful at all!  We are now trying to relax a bit more and let her feed when she is ready, however, not letting her sleep for too long before feeds during the daytime.

Everyone in my family is quite small (me at 5’3 is the tallest on my Mum’s side of the family!) and I am hoping that she is just going to be petite rather than having problems feeding.

DId anyone else’s little ones not feed much?  If so, did it rectify when they started weaning or have you now got a fussy eater?!  Would love to hear other people’s experiences, Little Mr A was always such a good feeder it’s not something we have experience of!

Little Mr A always loved his milk!

Little Mr A always loved his milk!

Goodbye 2012 – it’s been a great year!

If someone had told me last New Years Eve how much my life would change in 2012 I wouldn’t have believed it!

After so long trying for Little Mr A it came as a complete shock in February when I found out I was pregnant!  I had just about resigned myself to the fact that perhaps 1 was our lot and we would have to make do with just Little Mr A.  Then came an even bigger shock in April when we found out we were having a girl.  All this generation of my family are boys and I didn’t think we had the gene to produce girls!

It’s a what?!!!

Also in April this year we moved from a house we hated to a really nice house in a great little village.  Looking around now I know we made the right decision in moving again after 6 months in Hull, even though it was stressful at the time!  It has meant we have spent much more time together as a family even though we were further from work.  Earlier in the year, before I went on maternity leave, we would all go into town together to work and nursery, rather than me getting up as Big Mr A and Little Mr A were going out the door!

In July/August we had a great holiday together in Dorset which was just what we all needed after the upheaval of the move and, to spoil Little Mr A before Little Miss A came along.  We had a great time and even managed to see some of the Olympic sailing in Weymouth (even if we were really far away!) and it was great to be involved in such a great event, even in that small a capacity.

Olympic sailing in Weymouth

My boys!

My boys in Dorset 2012

Come September it was time for Little Mr A to start school.  I found it very hard to let go of my little boy for the first few weeks, he still seemed so young!  After a few teething problems in the first half of the term, since the October holiday he seems to have calmed down a lot and is settling into school life really well.  I am so proud of his achievements so far and loved seeing his Christmas play!

October came, and along came Little Miss A.  After a great birth I am absolutely loving having a baby in the house again, she is so easy and fun and I can’t wait for all the exciting times we have ahead in 2013.

My two gorgeous children!

I am very excited about 2013 and all the fun and adventures it will hold for the ‘A’ family.  Big Mr A starts his new job next week and although it means more travelling and less time with the family during the week I am hoping weekends will become even more of a quality family time together.

Happy New Year everyone, hope you all have a great 2013!

Why an Olympic year is so special to us

ringsI was recently reminiscing about major events that have taken place in our family and realised they have all happened in an Olympic year!

Sydney 2000 – I met big Mr A and fell in love


Athens 2004 – We got married


Beijing 2008 – Little Mr A was born – I remember watching the rowing whilst having contractions!


London 2012 – Little Miss A was born – Heavily pregnant I was waddling around Weymouth soaking up the Olympic atmosphere!


Rio 2016 – Who knows?  Maybe a baby Rio of our own?!


Thanks for buying me a hat that fits, but did I need one with ears?!



A rare moment of Little Miss A being awake and actually wanting to play! – 8 weeks and 2 days