Snow much fun!

Well what an afternoon Little Mr A and I have had!  We thought we would get out in the snow and make the most of it instead of sitting inside moaning about it….

First we (well I) made a snowman…

Had to improvise with food colouring and chip spice!

Had to improvise with food colouring and chip spice!

Then Little Mr A made snow angels (he was on his own with this one, I’m not completely stupid!)…

He's 'snow' angel!

He’s ‘snow’ angel!

Then came the most fun I have had in ages (I need to get out more!).  In the park next to our house is a small hill (well not really a hill but a bit of a mound) so I dug out a tray (seen as we have no sleigh) and we spent ages taking it in turns to ‘sledge’ down the hill – even Daddy came out for two minutes for a turn.





Even Big Mr A couldn't resist a go!

Even Big Mr A couldn’t resist a go!

I love having days like today, it makes me remember what fun it is to be a Mum and why I had children in the first place, it’s not all shouting and stress!


Homemade Eye Spy Game

Thank you to my sister in law for this idea!

This is a great game to make with your child and something to keep them entertained on long car journeys!

What you will need:-

An empty plastic bottle or tub with the label removed (we used a quality street tub)

Lots of small trinkets – we used items such as small animals, a lego man, a peg, lollipop sticks, a small car, a cork, craft items, a srew etc.  Anything small that you can fit it the top of the bottle/jar!

A bag of rice (we used 1kg Sainsburys basics long grain rice)

Some glue

Eye Spy Collage

Eye Spy Collage

How to make it:-

Remove the label from your bottle/jar and clean off any of the sticky glue.  Put in the trinkets and treasures you have found (making sure you have made a list of them first!).  Fill jar/bottle with rice then glue on the lid (unless you want rice all over your floor!).

Your child should now be able to find any item by rolling and tipping the bottle/jar!

A simple and cheap game that is fun to make.  The only thing we bought was the rice which cost 40p!  Little Mr A had a lot of fun finding things to put into it.