Forgotten symptoms of pregnancy!

  It’s funny how after 4 years your mind simply forgets all the horrible bits about pregnancy.  Here is a list of the symptoms I have suffered from that I had gladly forgotten from the first time around!

1. Feeling sick and generally rubbish – I have been lucky in both pregnancies not to have had proper morning sickness just a general feeling of being unwell and headaches.  First time around this kicked in from the first few weeks but, as I had just been put onto chlomid for fertility problems I assumed that was making me feel unwell, never for one moment did I imagine I was pregnant!  Second time around I knew instantly why I was feeling ill.  Luckily by the time I got to around 12 weeks in both pregnancies I started to feel much better.

2. Tiredness – First time around I got to be quite selfish.  If I was tired I would take the day off work and spend it in bed or on the sofa watching daytime TV!  This time has not been so easy.  Having started a new job only a few months before it was difficult to take any time off and, having Little Mr A meant I couldn’t come home and slob out either as there was always something needing to be done or games to be played!  Thankfully, again at about 12 weeks, the tiredness started easing and I got some energy back although there has still been plenty of early nights and weekend naps!

3. Heartburn – I suffered terribly with heartburn when pregnant with Little Mr A.  Many nights were spent awake with the acid bubbling and burning away.  I quickly learned what set if off and only once made the mistake of nipping down to the seafront for ice cream and donuts before bed! Everyone said that bad heartburn meant a hairy baby and boy were they right!  Little Mr A had a big mop of hair that is still a nightmare to tame to this day!  That does make me slightly concerned that Little Miss A will be a bald baby as I have hardly suffered with heartburn at all this time (except for last night when a combination of coke and chocolate before bed did not mix well!).

4. (Too much information alert!!) Piles and Constipation – Pregnancy is so glamorous isn’t it.  I vaguely remember having a few problems ‘down there’ when pregnant with Little Mr A, but nowhere near as bad as I have had this time around!  Around 6-7 months pregnant I was only going to the loo about once or twice a week.  It didn’t matter what I ate, nothing would shift it so to speak!  Anyway this led to me getting piles which were so painful it was difficult to walk, sit down or sleep!  I tried creams but they just didn’t seem to help the only thing that took the edge off was dosing myself up with paracetamol.  Thankfully this has now passed and, although still there, are not painful.  This has definitely been the worst symptom to deal with second time around!

5. Hormones and Irrational Emotions – I will readily admit I have always been a very hormonal and emotional person but being pregnant seems to make me 10 times worse!  When pregnant with Little Mr A I was an absolute monster and really difficult to live with for the first few months.  How Big Mr A stuck it out I don’t know!  This time around, I am sure Big Mr A will agree that i have not been so bad.  The last few weeks though I have been incredibly emotional and crying at everything (a particularly emotional Eastenders had me in floods quite recently which in turn upset Little Mr A!).  It hasn’t helped that Little Mr A has started school recently as this is an emotional time for anyone let alone when you are pregnant!  Big Mr A and I have had quite a few arguments recently, sometimes over silly things that I can’t even remember what they were about!  Many a night has been spent sat watching TV in silence!  Luckily I have had my mum close by as a shoulder to cry on and get me through the tough bits, thanks mum xx

6. Swollen Hands and Feet – Early on in both pregnancies my hands have become the size of spades!  I made sure this time around I took off my wedding ring nice and early as I didn’t want to have it cut off in hospital again!!  As for swollen feet, yuck!  During the summer it wasn’t too much of a problem, I could get my sandals on without too much bother, however, now boot season has arrived it is a different story!  It is difficult enough to try and put boots on when you are 9 months pregnant and can’t bend over properly let alone having elephant feet to try and cram in!

7. Lack of Sleep – This was a problem for me early on in both pregnancies as I like to sleep on my front.  I don’t think I would have got any sleep if it wasn’t for my long body maternity pillows!  They are an absolute must for any pregnant lady.  The only problem I find is if you need to turn over you have to take the whole thing with you which can take some time!  My main problem now, towards thd end of my pregnancy, is the need to get up for a wee every night!  Trying to get my massive lump ouf of bed is not an easy task!  Luckily the house we moved into has an en-suite so I can roll out of bed and straight back in again!

8. Pain of childbirth – I think this is the best one your mind is good at forgetting!  I remember it hurt but I can’t remember how much or what the pain really felt like!  I only remember the most amazing bit of the whole experience where your baby is placed in your arms and you think what a miracle you have created!

Don’t get me wrong, although there are lots of rubbish bits about being pregnant I love it and would do it all again in a heartbeat (o.k. maybe wait a few weeks before you ask if i want another!).  It is amazing feeling your baby move for the first time and, as they get bigger being able to share that experience with your family.  And, in the end, all the bad bits are worth every second when your gorgeous baby is handed to you!

They were my experiences of pregnancy.  Did anyone have any other weird and wonderful symptoms?