Review – Aqua Maris Junior Nasal Spray

I was recently sent some Aqua Maris Junior Nasal Spray to try.  The spray is a 100% natural saline solution made from Adriatic seawater. It is intended to be used daily for hygiene and nasal moisture and healthy breathing each day and night.

Aqua Maris Spray

As Little Mr A is at school he often brings home colds and always has a bunged up nose.  I thought this product looked like a good way to decongest him and help him to breath easier.

Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts, I have been unable to get Little Mr A to try the product!  I don’t think he likes the idea of something being sprayed up his nose!  As I couldn’t persuade Little Mr A to try it I have given it a go myself (Little Miss A is still a little young as it is recommended from 6 months +).

I was a little wary about spraying something up my nose, however, after the initial shock I was pleasantly surprised.  It had a nice fresh feeling and aroma and really does make my nose feel fresher and clearer.

I think if you started using this on your child from a very young age they would get used to the sensation and action of having a spray up their nose and then you would be able to use it when they got a cold.  I really think it would help them with their breathing.

The spray itself is very easy to use.  Once in place you simply push down the top and out comes enough spray to do one nostril.

It is available to buy for around £4.50 which I think is reasonable.  You get 30ml in a bottle which, judging from how much I have used, should last a while.

Overall I think it is a good product and I will be trying it on Little Miss A when she gets a little older.

Disclaimer – For the purpose of this review I was sent one bottle of Aqua Maris Junior Nasal Spray