My family…

Over the past couple of weeks I have realised I have written some very moany posts, sometimes about my family, sometimes about other things!  This week has made me realise how lucky I am to have my family around me and I don’t want my children looking at my blog in a few years and thinking what a miserable, moaning Mummy they have (they will work that out for themselves soon enough!).  With Valentines day coming up it has inspired me to try and make a video to let them know how much they mean to me and how much I love them.

Here goes (I am not very creative and don’t really know how to use the video software properly so it is my best attempt!)…




‘Slave’ At Home Mum

Don’t get me wrong, I am loving being a mummy again and really enjoying being at home and being able to pick up Little Mr A from school everyday as well as spending lots of time with Little Miss A, however, when I thought about being a SAHM, I didn’t realise the ‘S’ stood for slave!

I don’t mind doing the pots, washing, ironing, cleaning, meal planning, online shop, cooking or getting the kids ready, bathed, fed or even feeding the dog, however, I do sometimes feel it is taken for granted and maybe a little bit more appreciation wouldn’t go amiss!  Big Mr A, if you are reading, there are no ‘fairies’ that come and do these things!

Even at a friend's party I had a hoover in my hand! (BTW it was fancy dress!!!)

Even at a friend’s party I had a hoover in my hand! (BTW it was fancy dress!!!)

Little Mr A just expects me to do all these things and more often than not I have to drop a subtle hint that a thank-you would be appreciated.  Big Mr A can be just as bad!  Quite often he will drop a comment about what we are having to eat that week which may not seem like a big deal to him but actually it’s quite offensive when I have spent ages trying to think of interesting things we can eat rather than having the same stuff week in week out.

It wasn’t so bad when I was on maternity leave with Little Mr A.  We could laze around in bed for a couple of hours watching TV but now I have to get up to get Little Mr A ready for school, his lunchbox packed and get him to school on time.   I don’t have a car so we have to get out the house on time or he will be late!

I’m sure I am probably more appreciated than I think but some weeks I would love to take off on my own and leave them to it or swap roles with Big Mr A for the week.  I appreciate that he has to go out to work everyday but sometimes I long for that again, just having a bit of me time and adult conversation!

It is the same when it comes to holidays.  When Big Mr A is off, he is off.  He will watch TV, play playstation etc.  When do I get a holiday?!

Don’t get me wrong I am quite lucky, Big Mr A is helpful most of the time but sometimes I wish he would just think for himself rather than asking or having to be told what needs doing!

Anyway I am sure all us mum’s feel unappreciated and ‘used’ some of the time and I suppose I am luckier than some as I do have a husband that will help.  He is brilliant with the children when they are being hard work.  Tonight he came home and had to deal with Little Mr A who had been sat at the table for over an hour refusing to eat his tea.  He was really calm with him but in the end had to carry him kicking and screaming to bed as he would just not listen!  This meant he has not seen Little Miss A at all today as she was asleep when he left for work and went to bed as he was putting Little Mr A to bed.  He does let me have a lie in at the weekend too (but I won’t feel guilty about that unless he starts getting up to do the night feeds!).

Sometimes I just wish I could have a bit of ‘me’ time back!  Maybe I just need a good night out!

A bit of 'me' time would be nice...

A bit of ‘me’ time would be nice…


Wanting, Wearing, Loving, Eating


15/365All I really want this weekend is to have some nice happy time with my babies.  All we seem to do at the moment is bicker.  Little Mr A has been very challenging and clingy recently and I would love my happy little boy back!


473px-WelliesWith all this snow we have had now turning to slush we have all been wearing our wellies this week!


imagesWe have had a fairly stressful week this week with Little Miss A’s hospital appointment and it has been great to find lots of support from twitter and all the kind people that take the time to read my blog.


donutsWe had a trip into town and just had to treat ourselves to some donuts – it would have been rude not too!


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High Street Changes – where are our children going to shop?

With the announcement today of yet another major high street retailer going into administration it has made me wonder where will it end? Where are my children going to shop? Will everything have to be bought online or in a giant supermarket?

Ok so I am probably as guilty as the next person when it comes to buying certain items online for convenience and to save some much needed cash, but, at the same time, we do use the high street for many things and the thought of not being able to pop into town at the weekend to shop fills me with sadness. Although we had a young baby and grumpy little boy in tow this year I am really pleased that we managed to do all of our present shopping on the high street rather than online. We probably didn’t spend as much as previous years but did manage to avoid online shopping. The only thing I did order online was the food shop as I couldn’t face the supermarket at Christmas with children!

I remember as a child we often used to have Saturday as a family day out visiting a different town each week. We didn’t have lots of money to buy huge amounts but it was great browsing the shops, especially places like Woolworths for the toys, and as we got older my poor Dad would be stuck outside Etam for quite some time whilst my mum, my sister and me browsed and tried on clothes. Every Christmas Eve Mum and Dad would take us to the shops to soak up the Christmas vibe and, they say to take mine and my sister’s minds off Christmas but I think it was more a distraction for them! I have many fond memories of our family Saturday shopping trips.

I am very lucky that I have a husband who enjoys shopping, in fact he probably enjoys it more than I do and I can often be found yawning away in the corner of a music/game/clothes shop waiting for him to finish shopping! As a couple, before we had children, we visited many a town to shop for clothes, music, homeware! Now we have children the shops we visit have changed. We love to look at children’s clothes (especially now we have a girl) and toy shops and bookshops are obvious winners with Little Mr A.

I do like the ease and price of Internet shopping, particularly for larger items, however you can’t beat going to your local shops and browsing the shelves, being able to look at and touch the item you want and also being able to compare it to any other similar items available. I just feel you miss out on so much when shopping online and, if you don’t know exactly what you want it can take a long time to find what you are looking for!

There have been so many big firms that have gone into administration over the last few years and have either closed some stores or disappeared from the high street completely; Pumpkin Patch, JJB Sports, Comet, Jane Norman, Focus DIY, Game, Peacocks, La Senza, Woolworths and now Jessops and HMV just to mention a few. I dread to think how many independent shops have closed over the last few years. I am sure there will be more closures to come in 2013 as the high street shops struggle to compete with supermarkets and online retailers.

I do hope there is some form of a high street left as my children grow up even if it doesn’t look anything like it does today! I just hope it is not only full of pound and discount stores, yes they have their place but it would be a shame if that is all there is.

Maybe we should all try harder to use the high street as much as possible this year for the sake of our future and that of our children and grandchildren.

20130115-121619 PM.jpg

My pet hates!

WARNING some expletives were required in the making of this blog post!

Big Mr A's nickname for me at the moment seems to be 'angry bird' maybe I should take the hint?

Big Mr A’s nickname for me at the moment seems to be ‘angry bird’ maybe I should take the hint?

Maybe I am just getting grumpy as I get older but there are certain things that are really starting to annoy me and it is getting to the point where I think I may get into a proper fight with someone!

1. People using lifts when they don’t need to, especially when there is only one or two lifts in the building and especially groups of teenagers that are just pissing about. I have taken to pointing out quite loudly where the stairs and escalators are but haven’t quite had the guts to confront anyone yet!

2. People using parent and child spaces when they (a) either have no child, (b) have a grown up child that can get out unaided, (c) they have a child but are leaving them in the car and (d) disabled people! I challenged a couple once and got a barrage of abuse about their car getting scratched in normal spaces and how us people with kids get everything anyway!!

3. Older children with no thought or respect. I know Little Mr A is no angel but I try and instill in him the same respect for others that my parents did for me. It really bugs me when the parents don’t even acknowledge that their child has been a little shit!

4. Old people being rude. I thought it was supposed to be us young ones that were rude but increasingly I am finding elderly people being very rude. On a recent bus journey, on a packed bus, we made Little Mr A sit next to an elderly lady who had no intention of moving to make it easy for him to sit down. She then said to him that he would have to move if someone with a stick wanted to sit down! I quite loudly pointed out to Big Mr A that the seats were for the elderly and children and at 4 years old I was not having him standing on a busy bus. Thankfully she made no more comments after that!

5. People driving right up your backside, particularly when you are in a long queue if traffic. Can’t you see the baby on board sign arsehole!

Phew, that feels better!  Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like this?!

Had an accident? Been a victim of medical negligence? Should you make a claim?

Put yourself in that position. - Compensation culture Discussion

Having worked at firms of Solicitors that specialise in personal injury and medical negligence for 10 years and having had a car accident myself in the past, I have mixed feelings about the compensation culture in this country.
I do think it has all gone a bit crazy and there are some people that are all too quick to make a claim, however, I do feel that a lot of the claims made are justified.

In my case, I was hit from behind by an uninsured driver and although I was not seriously injured I was out of pocket as I had to claim on my insurance and, having not had my car much more than a year, felt I lost out on quite a lot of money. I therefore decided to make a claim basically just to cover my losses and to compensate me for the stress I had been through. I really used to enjoy driving and, still, after almost 7 years, I am a really nervous passenger. I didn’t see why I should be out of pocket as an innocent driver when this idiot had crashed into me when he shouldn’t have even been on the road!

As to the claims I have seen during the course of my job, there are some people that have accidents at work or RTA’s that cause them such serious injuries that they can never work again. Why shouldn’t they be able to claim for their injuries and loss of earnings if it is through no fault of their own? Also, when children are severely injured I think it’s only right that their parents should be allowed to claim compensation to pay for specialist equipment they might need or to provide them with money so they can give up work and look after their child if needs be.

I do agree that some things have gone too far however new rules are imminent which are going to make it a lot harder for solicitors to make money from personal injury claims and will more than likely have to be more picky about those claims they take on.

I know insurance premiums go up as a result of claims made, however, if you were out of pocket for something that wasn’t your fault, wouldn’t you rather pay that little bit extra each year to know that you are able to claim should you need to?

I think that compensation claims are necessary in most cases, however, do agree that some people claim to easily for things that perhaps they should be taking some responsibility for.  Sometimes accidents happen that are not really anybody’s fault!

Also there now seems to be a new type of Claimant who sets up an accident in order to make a claim or claims there were more people in the vehicle in order to make more money.  It is absolutely disgusting that people think it is OK to abuse the system in this way and I just hope this can be stamped out sooner rather than later as it ruins it for the genuine people that need to make a claim.