Story Time

Since Little Mr A started back at school after Christmas his reading has really come on.  PushHe is now bringing home two books at a time, a phonics book (which are gradually getting longer and harder) and now an Oxford Reading Tree book with more difficult words.  He loves reading and can’t wait to read the books to us when we get home.  When we are out and about he is forever reading signs, sides of lorries, wherever there are letters really!

I have videoed him reading his latest books as I thought it would be really nice to remember how he started reading and it will be interesting to look back in a few months to see how he has progressed.

Max’s Box….


Homework – for 4 year olds?!

It seems these days children are not allowed to be children for long.  Even at nursery they are taught phonics and numbers.  I’m sure when I was young we did not start learning until we started school and even then I only really remember the playing!

When Little Mr A started school in September I knew he would bring home reading books when he was ready but I wasn’t expecting homework too!  At 4 I thought he would be too young and assumed that being at school 5 days a week would be enough.  I was not sure I agreed with very young children having to do extra work at home.  It’s not that I am not prepared to help him, I enjoy seeing how far he is coming on and how well he is doing it is just I know how tired he is when he gets home from school most days and I did not think he would be up for doing more work when he got home.

Since starting back after the Christmas holidays not only has Little Mr A started bringing reading books home but he is also getting homework.  OK so it is not hours and hours of work, just a few spellings/phonics to learn but it is still homework.  Little Mr A has completely surprised me with his enthusiasm for the homework.  As soon as he gets home, no matter how tired and grumpy he has seemed on the way home, the first thing he does is sit down to do his homework and read me his book.


He is doing really well.  All the spellings he brings home he does perfectly without me having to prompt him too much and he is doing so well with his reading.  He really enjoys showing us how much he is learning and how much he knows and is really proud when we praise him.


I do feel myself turning into my Dad a bit though!  He was always really good helping with our homework but quite strict and I need to remind myself he is only 4 and I need to chill out, he is doing really well and doesn’t need me to push him!!

Since he has started bringing work home I have changed my opinion – maybe homework for 4 year olds is OK after all!


Little Mr A’s Nativity – well Chrismas play!


This week we went to see Little Mr A’s first school Christmas performance.  Instead of performing a traditional nativity, in years 1 and 2 they do an alternative performance.


Their performance was called ‘Santa’s new hobby’.  The basic story was that Santa was bored after Christmas and needed something new to do.  Little Mr A was one of 4 Santas (as Santa was the main character there was a bit too much for one 4/5 year old to remember!).


First, Santa entered Strictly Come Dancing but was no good at that!  Next he entertained guests on Come Dine with me, however, they were not impressed with his Christmas dinner!


Next came Little Mr A’s turn.  His ‘new hobby’ was to enter the X-Factor.  Unfortunately he was no match for ‘One Direction’ with his Jingle Bell Rock!  I thought he was the best!


All the children were fantastically behaved and remembered all their lines and the songs which they performed with real enthusiasm and confidence.  The teachers and staff must have worked really hard to get them to perform and behave so brilliantly.


We were very proud parents and are looking forward to showing off his video to all the family over Christmas!


Can’t wait until next year’s performance!

Proud Mummy take 2!

Little Mr A's Key Stage 1 Writer's Award

Little Mr A’s Key Stage 1 Writer’s Award

After my previous post a couple of weeks ago, Little Mr A has now won another award at school.  This time he has won the Key Stage 1 Writer’s Award.  He told me it was for writing out his favourite foods which apparently are chocolate spread and tomatoes!  Strange boy, don’t know where he gets things from sometimes!


I am really glad he’s doing so well at school I just wish he would bring some of his good behaviour home with him!

Wow week!

This week has been ‘wow week’ at Little Mr A’s school. It has been an opportunity for parents to spend an hour at school with their children to see what they get up to on a daily basis.

I am not sure what I was expecting really, I don’t remember primary school! When we arrived his teacher greeted us and took us through to the classroom. We were then left to spend time with our children on the ‘learning stations’. These consisted of various areas set up with different activities such as play doh, lego, a make and do station with crafts and the computers.

We iced a cake together and I had a look through his learning journey to see what they have been doing.

I came away from school feeling a little disappointed. After the initial introduction we did not see the teacher again although there were a lot of support staff in the classroom and the headreacher was helping out.

I still feel that I don’t really know what Little Mr A actually learns at school and think it would have been better if the teacher had perhaps explained a bit mote to us. I appreciate they are busy but the more parents know what their children do, the more they can support them.

I am sure as Little Mr A gets older he will tell us more about what he does, until then I will just have to keep persevering with questions and be satisfied with the little snippets of information he gives us!