100 Little Words on Parenthood – & giveaway!

100 words book

A while ago I saw the opportunity to be involved with a fabulous new book being put together by Charlie Plunkett.  Already a successful author having published 3 books, Charlie was looking for parents and grandparents to write 100 words on various aspects of parenthood.  I thought it looked like a fantastic thing to be involved in and submitted my 100 word birth story.  I was delighted when Charlie said she would include me in her new book.

Before Christmas the book was released as an e-book and I downloaded my copy.  I really enjoyed reading everyone’s 100 words, it amazed me what people could write in so few words!  Some made me laugh, others cry, but all were well thought out and a great read.  It was really lovely to see my name in there amongst all those other fabulous people!

The book has now been released in paperback and I was thrilled to receive my signed copy from Charlie and to see my name in print!  Charlie was kind enough to send to me a 2nd signed copy and I have decided to give this away to one of you lucky readers.  All you have to do is complete the Rafflecopter form.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

100 Little Words on Parenting really is a great read and I would highly recommend it to anyone parent or not!

Charlie will shortly be visiting my blog as part of her tour round all her contributors so look out for that soon!

Our grand adventure

When I first got the email about Money Supermarket.com’s competition to win £1000 by telling them our grand adventure it got me really thinking about the kind of holiday we could take with a 4 year old and a small baby that would keep us all entertained!  The obvious first thoughts were Florida or a Kenyan safari, however, £1000 would not get us very far.

Then it came to me!  Big Mr A and me have always said we would love to do a tour of Scotland. We love Scotland and go up most years but we only ever make it as far as Edinburgh as that is where we have family.  We have never got around to doing it as something else has always cropped up, be it babies, house moves or some other thing to drain our finances!  If we were given £1000 it would really help us to go on our adventure! The other benefit of staying in Britain is not having to do the whole airport/flying horror with young children!  I hate flying anyway but doing it with young children…ahhh!

Where would we stay?  When we were just a couple we used to really enjoy camping. We have done it once with Little Mr A but it rained the entire week and was not fun! Instead we would hire a motor home (Meet the Fockers springs to mind but I don’t think our budget would stretch quite that far!). It would be easy to pack up and tour from place to place plus, if it rained (which is highly likely in Scotland!) it would not be as much a disruption as if we were camping!

Would £1000 get us this?!

Would £1000 get us this?!

What would we do?  There is so much to see and do in Scotland, the scenery is amazing and just driving around would be great but obviously we have children to entertain too!

Enjoying Stirling when there was just the 2 of us!

Enjoying Stirling when there was just the 2 of us!

I would love to take Little Mr A to ‘Balamory’ (Tobermory to those without children!) and whilst up there we would take in Ben Nevis, though I am not sure i would fancy climbing it!

Balamory or Tobermory!

Balamory or Tobermory!

Obviously whilst in Scotland it would be silly not to visit Loch Ness and look for that most famous of monsters!

Is it real?  I would love to have a look for myself!

Is it real? I would love to have a look for myself!

On the way back down we would visit St Andrews so Little Miss A could have her picture taken outside the pub in which Big Mr A’s Grandad was born and which his Great Grandad used to own. Little Mr A has had his picture taken underneath the plaque and it would be nice to do the same for Little Miss A.

Little Mr A underneath the plaque on the pub his great, great grandad owned in St Andrews

Little Mr A underneath the plaque on the pub his great, great grandad owned in St Andrews

Along the way I am sure we would visit lots of castles (Big Mr A’s favourite attraction!) and it would be great to visit some Highland Games and maybe join in with some caber tossing.

A spot of caber tossing anyone?

A spot of caber tossing anyone?

What would we eat? Along with all the Haggis, Edinburgh Rock and Shortbread that would have to be consumed, I would like to go back to Anstruther and have fish and chips at one of the best fish and chip shops we have ever been to!



So that would be our Grand Adventure, who knows, if I am lucky enough to win the competition maybe we can actually get round to doing it!   I hope I have given you some inspiration for your Grand Adventure!

Pamper set giveaway in association with Andrex Washlets

Andrex WashletsMummy of Two has teamed up with Andrex® Washlets, a pre-moistened flushable toilet tissue wipe, to help you feel fresh, energised and prepared for any occasion this January.

Andrex® Washlets are a great essential to keep you feeling fresh at all times, even when you run out of time to get ready. So whether you are heading from a child’s birthday party to a dinner, or from January sales shopping to a school play, use Andrex® Washlets to help you feel fresh when out and about.

Andrex® Washlets is working with TV presenter, documentary maker and writer Dawn O’Porter, on the Clean Campaign that aims to inspire people up and down the country to try Andrex® Washlets and incorporate them into their family’s daily bathroom regime.

To celebrate the Clean Campaign and to help you feel fresh this winter, Andrex® Washlets is offering one lucky reader the chance to win a fabulous pampering gift set, complete with a bath relaxation pack, hand cream, lip balm, hand sanitizer, hairbrush and Andrex® Washlets.

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Help Save the Children by making one simple promise

ImageThis week sees the launch of the family orientated ‘Simple Promises’ campaign by Dettol supporting Save the Children. Dettol is asking the public to make a simple promise to their family to keep them happy and healthy. Promises can be anything from getting outdoors with your children more often, to setting one night a week aside to sit down for a family meal together.

With every promise made via the Simple Promises Facebook page, Dettol will donate 20p to Save the Children, with funds raised helping the poorest families in the UK and abroad.

To further show their support for UK family time, Dettol will reward one promise maker a week with a prize to help them fulfil their promise. Start making your promises today by clicking here to visit Dettol’s Mission for Health facebook page.


I’ve made my promise, have you?


My perfect Pandora bracelet

pandora bracelet

John Greed Jewellery are currently running a competition to win a Pandora bracelet to the value of £250.  These charms would be my choice if I won as they each have a meaning personal to me.

1.  Silver & Red Enamel Vines Charm £40 – I met Big Mr A whilst we were working at the Vine Hotel together.

2.  Into the Wild Charm Set £90 – To remind me of a wonderful holiday I had in Kenya when my Mum and Step Dad got married.

3.  Silver Beloved Heart Spacer £15 – Because I love my family (& Pandora bracelets!).

4. Silver Girl Dangle Charm £25 – To represent the birth of Little Miss A.

5.  Silver Boy Dangle Charm £25 – To represent the birth of Little Mr A.

6. Silver Bracelet £55


My bracelet totals £250.  What would you choose?


Christmas day outfits for the whole family – Barratts Christmas Giveaway!

In an ideal world I would love for us all to be able to stay in our PJ’s all of Christmas day.  I love getting snuggled in our PJ’s and fluffy slippers and settling down under a blanket with a Christmas film, hot chocolate and popcorn.  Don’t think the in-laws would be too impressed when they arrive for Christmas dinner though!

For me…

My outfitSlippers         Nightshirt

For Big Mr A…

Big Mr A OutfitSlippers       PJ bottoms

For Little Mr A…

Little Mr A OutfitSlippers          Spiderman PJ’s

For Little Miss A…

Little Miss A Outfit

Slippers           Baby Girl PJ’s

And not forgetting the dog…

doggie pj's

Doggie PJ’s

Thanks to Kel Loves for this fab competition!

Sudocrem Mousse Competition – Win £750

Sudocrem Mousse’s latest competition, the World’s first Facebook Virtual Balloon Race, is launching  this November and is offering one lucky winner the chance to get their hands on £750 in cash, just in time for Christmas too!

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It’s completely free to enter and easy to play with a fantastic prize awaiting the winner!

Competition start date – Wednesday 7th November 2012
Competition finish date – Friday 21st December 2012
Competition winners announced – Monday 24th December 2012


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