Playing with your kids – boring or fun?

I recently read an article that said playing with your children was boring.  Ok I thought when I first saw the headline I am not going to pretend I absolutely love playing with Little Mr A every minute of the day, his new ‘trumping on people’ game is certainly not one I enjoy joining in with, but I do enjoy playing with him.  The more I read of the article the more I was quite disgusted at the sentiment in it.  Why this person ever had children is beyond me!

Little Mr A reading and playing

Little Mr A reading and playing

In my opinion, when you chose to have children you give up your life for the next 16-18 years (or longer! )to be there for your child’s needs.  This is not to say you can’t still have adult time, however, your children come first.  Yes this will include doing things that maybe you aren’t too entertained by, but so what!  Even if I am not particularly enjoying a game we are playing/place we are visiting, seeing Little Mr A happy makes me happy.

Who's having more fun?!

Who’s having more fun?!

I think parents have a big responsibility to teach their children how to play both by themselves and with others.  How many times have you been to a playgroup and seen either a child sat on their own or running around taking toys off other children as they have not been taught how to play properly?  I am not professing to be the perfect Mum who drops everything as soon as Little Mr A says play with me.  Yes there are times that jobs need doing and I have to say no, however, at weekends we will often take it in turns to either go and play lego/trains etc in his room or bring a game downstairs for the whole family to play together.

Playing board games is a favourite Sunday afternoon activity

Playing board games is a favourite Sunday afternoon activity

I don’t consider ‘play’ to be just using toys.  I think anything you can make fun and do together with your child could be considered ‘playing’.  For instance baking, crafts, even getting them to help you with the cleaning can be made into a fun game.  Little Mr A is always asking if he can help with the cooking.

Little Mr A has always loved helping with cooking

Little Mr A has always loved helping with cooking

It is hard sometimes to find the imagination to play with your children and I must admit I do prefer playing actual games or doing jigsaws with Little Mr A, however, I try to remember what it was like when I was a child playing with Barbies etc and all the fun things me and my sister used to play.

Me & my sister used to have great fun (check out those matching outfits!)

Me & my sister used to have great fun (check out those matching outfits!)

I do think it is important for children to learn to play on their own too but sometimes I find Little Mr A needs starting off with something to play with then he will quite happily carry on playing on his own.  At the moment he is spending a lot of time in his bedroom building lots of little lego things for a ‘show’ he is going to do!

I join in with IzziWizzi playfest on a Tuesday night on Twitter which is a group of mums getting together to discuss different play ideas (and see my previous post).  If anyone is doubting how fun playing with your child is I suggest joining in with us!  I think us mums often get more excited about new toys and play ideas than our children!

How do other parents feel about playing with their children?  Do you find it a pleasure or a chore?

11 thoughts on “Playing with your kids – boring or fun?

  1. Honestly, I find it hard work a lot of the time. I think I have high expectations of myself at being able to play more than I do and I feel guilty that I don’t. Not all of us found the reality of children the same as the imagined reality.

    • Thanks for your comment. I think a lot of people put too much pressure on themselves. Sometimes all children want is for you to be sat with them whilst they are playing. I am sure you do a great job!

  2. Great post. Personally, I don’t like sitting playing with dolls but I will sit with Miss C when she wants to play with them and watch her for a little while and I can see how some people may find play like this boring. However, I will quite happily sit and play games, do puzzles and colouring in with the kids any time they want too. We also love baking and going to the park and exploring the outdoors. I think people forget that these are forms of play too.

    • Thanks for your comment. Lots of things can be classed as play even if it was not what the ‘traditional’ meaning of play is! I love colouring too, could quite happily sit and do that when Little Mr A isn’t about!

  3. I think what disturbs me most is not so much what was said, as that she felt a need to say it. I have been subjected to many hours of the same repetitive, child-invented game many times over the years, and it’s not the best fun I’ve ever had, but I can still gain pleasure from it by enjoying my child(ren) having fun. I will continue to play because I know that my child is learning, stretching, organising and working out how the world and the things in it work. I actually think the writer feels the same, but the headline and promotion of the post are really negative and will cause a lot of people to sit up shocked.

  4. I had great fun this morning when we walked into town (very fresh!!!) because we had such a giggle playing ‘tig’ whislt we walked. I can honestly say I laughed more than I thought, and wore myself out but it was good to have a giggle together.

    C is also very intersted in card games and he loves the children’s version of Uno. He is now into “fish”, which my mum has taught him.

    I watch my hubby playing with the figures C has (Spiderman, Iron Man, a police station set etc) and feel quite inadequate when he sets up ‘road blocks’ and invents a story which involves most of the figures!?!

    As you say, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to get a child laughing. Even yesterday we were throwing 2 sellotaped toilet rolls between 3 of us trying to see if we could get to 20 throws/catches between us without dropping it. C was in fits of laughter many times and that was lovely to see 🙂 The simplest things eh!

    • Sounds like you are having a great half term! Big Mr a is often more imaginative than me when it comes to play, I tend to do the more creative things! Think men enjoy playing as much as the kids!

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  6. I have to confess I find it fairly dull. I stopped work when my little boy was born so I’m with him 24/7 and there are some days, particularly in this weather, when I could happily bang my head against a brick wall in exchange for some alone time. That sounds awful! Ultimately I am glad I became a full time mum but two years in it is certainly not the Utopia I thought it would be.

  7. Its hard especially when you’ve come home knackered and you have a little ball of energy wanting you to play with them, I love the little funny moments but when he pushes his car around I get a bit bored. I love the walks and things though because its genuinely interested…or I have to run after him! 🙂

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