Homework – for 4 year olds?!

It seems these days children are not allowed to be children for long.  Even at nursery they are taught phonics and numbers.  I’m sure when I was young we did not start learning until we started school and even then I only really remember the playing!

When Little Mr A started school in September I knew he would bring home reading books when he was ready but I wasn’t expecting homework too!  At 4 I thought he would be too young and assumed that being at school 5 days a week would be enough.  I was not sure I agreed with very young children having to do extra work at home.  It’s not that I am not prepared to help him, I enjoy seeing how far he is coming on and how well he is doing it is just I know how tired he is when he gets home from school most days and I did not think he would be up for doing more work when he got home.

Since starting back after the Christmas holidays not only has Little Mr A started bringing reading books home but he is also getting homework.  OK so it is not hours and hours of work, just a few spellings/phonics to learn but it is still homework.  Little Mr A has completely surprised me with his enthusiasm for the homework.  As soon as he gets home, no matter how tired and grumpy he has seemed on the way home, the first thing he does is sit down to do his homework and read me his book.


He is doing really well.  All the spellings he brings home he does perfectly without me having to prompt him too much and he is doing so well with his reading.  He really enjoys showing us how much he is learning and how much he knows and is really proud when we praise him.


I do feel myself turning into my Dad a bit though!  He was always really good helping with our homework but quite strict and I need to remind myself he is only 4 and I need to chill out, he is doing really well and doesn’t need me to push him!!

Since he has started bringing work home I have changed my opinion – maybe homework for 4 year olds is OK after all!



13 thoughts on “Homework – for 4 year olds?!

  1. I think homework for young children is unnecessary. I know many don’t agree with me and from the sounds of it your little love is doing really well anyway. I do wonder why they need to bring work home with them, other than reading and perhaps spellings, because they are supposed to be learning at school. It begs the question what are the teachers doing?

    All children are different of course and right now it’s probably a novelty. I really hope his enthusiasm continues.

    CJ x

    • I don’t think it should be forced at their age but if they enjoy it I suppose there is no harm. I do think that some learning needs to take place at home. I’m not saying its right but there are that many children in a class it is hard for them all to get the attention they need.

  2. Glad to see he is doing really well. My Brother and Sister are 7 and 9 and I am amazed at the amount they get. It has helped them a lot though so I suppose it has its pro’s and con’s

  3. Aww that’s fantastic he enjoys doing his homework 🙂

    It’s amazing to think Maxx who will be starting school in September aged 4 will be bringing homework home too. I agree that they should be allowed to be kids but I also don’t see the harm if they are enjoying it 🙂

  4. I have three kids between 6 and 11 and still a big part of me doesn’t think children in the infants – or indeed up to Year 4 – should have homework. But they have it, so I’m determined that my kids will do it. Luckily two of mine, like your little man, are self-starters, but one takes a bit of nagging. As you’ve seen, a few minutes a day doesn’t do any harm and they love to see how far they’ve come – and it’s great for parents to see the progress too. Found you on Mummy’s Little Monkey.

  5. C’s homework consists of different varieties. The main one though is reading, which I really enjoy as a hobby myself. I am so proud of the progress he has made since Sept and he does seem to work things out by himself most of the time now. Yesterday he spelt and worked out “cupcakes” on a packet which we were about to eat for lunch. He also has homework with activities like coin rubbing and writing the number of his favourite coin on his paper.

    As you and some other people have mentioned, they are young to be having homework but C enjoys the things he is asked to do, and I get enjoyment from it too.

    I’m not looking forward to the homework which involves numbers though, I think I’d get loads wrong if I went back to school in a maths class 😀 x

  6. I wonder whether homework being sent home depends on the school our children go to? At her old school, Princess had homework from when she first began – just ten minutes a day to learn a few spellings or read a book. Luckily she enjoyed it, and it was nice to follow on from what she was learning in school. When we moved house (and she changed schools) there was no formal homework for her until Y2.

    I think it’s a good idea if the homework is simple, enjoyable and won’t take long (ten minutes a day at age four seems about right to me), especially as it helps parents get involved in their child’s education right from the beginning.

    Glad to know your little one is enjoying his homework!

  7. I have been intending to blog this for a while. I’m lucky in that my son was 5 the start of October and very bright. But regardless of age and maturity in his year they gets, what I consider, lots of homework. I remember asking for homework when I was about 10 so they never just gave it to us!

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