Become an IzziWizzi Toy Reviewer in 2013

Picture from the IzziWizzi Kids Facebook page

Picture from the IzziWizzi Kids Facebook page

IzziWizzi Kids are looking for families to become toy reviewers in 2013.

You do not have to have a blog to apply, all families can enter.  What you have to do to be considered is create a video about their Playfest and why you would like to become a reviewer.  The video needs to be uploaded to their Facebook page and then you have to fill in a brief application form.

For more information on the application process please click here.

Why not take a look at my video for some inspiration…

So, what is Playfest?

Picture from

Picture from

Playfest takes place on Twitter between half 8 and half 9 on a Tuesday night and on Facebook at the same time on a Thursday night.  All you need to do to take part is ‘follow’ IzziWizzi Kids on Twitter or ‘like’ their page on Facebook you will then be able to join in! It is a chance for people to get together and discuss different toys and either provide their opinion or gain some advice and information on different toy brands.

I took part in one for Orchard toys before Christmas as my son loves their games and has a lot of them!  It was nice for me to be able to give my opinion on the games he had. Hopefully I helped people to understand a bit more about them and maybe even gave them some ideas for Christmas presents.  Also, I was able to gain information from other people about the different games he hasn’t got and ideas for  games that he might like as he gets older.

It really is a great way to gain information about different toys from real people who have experience of them rather than just the corporate information.

IzziWizzi works with lots of different toy brands and a different one is discussed each week.

Good luck to everyone that applies!

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