Let’s talk about bums!

ImageWHAT!  I hear you cry…  Ok maybe not the nicest topic for a blog post, but we all have one be it big, small, spotty or hairy(!) so let’s get over it!

I was recently sent some Andrex Washlets to try as part of their Clean Campaign in association with TV presenter, documentary maker and writer, Dawn O’Porter who is trying to get people all over the country to incorporate them into their daily routine.

At first I was a bit dubious about trying them.  Essentially they are wet wipes for grown ups and I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to…ahem…wipe with something wet and cold although I use wet wipes on Little Miss A everyday and she doesn’t seem to mind!  Well, back to the point, I have given them a try and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.  OK so, at first, it is a bit strange, however, they really do make you feel a lot cleaner and are really easy to use.

So why can’t I just use normal baby wipes I hear you ask!  Well you could but, you cannot flush normal wipes down the loo unless you want blocked pipes!  Do you really want to be disposing of them in the bin?  The great thing about the washlets is you can flush them!  They recommend only flushing one or two at a time to prevent blockage but you should not need to use more than that in one go anyway!

The wipes come in a really handy moisture retaining tub which is really easy to use.  I have been encouraging my 4 year old to use them and he has no problems getting the wipes out.  Once you have run out you can just buy a refill rather than having the expense of buying a new tub.  The packs contain 42 wipes and cost, on average, £1.80 and are available at all good supermarkets.

I was sent two packs to try, one with the reusable tub and a pack of refills.  I have put the refill pack in the change bag to take out and about with me.  There is nothing worse than going into a public loo to find either there is no loo roll or worse, they have the paper that is like tracing paper!  As well as using them as intended, they are also useful for wiping hands and just general freshening up when away from home.  They are a great size for popping in your handbag/change bag.

I will definitely be thinking twice next time I go to buy loo roll and I think these will be on the shopping list from now on!

If you want to join in with the Clean Campaign why not visit the Facebook page and see for yourself!


All views expressed are my own and I have received no payment for this post other than getting to keep the product (well they wouldn’t want it back would they?!)


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about bums!

  1. I’ve been using them for years :-), I agree they make you feel a lot fresher. Use them alongside normal toilet roll. If you use the stores own brand they are just as good and not as expensive.

  2. They say they are flushable but they don’t break up like normal loo roll. I certainly wouldn’t recommend them for people who live in older properties as they can get caught on pot pipes and block them. I know cos it happened to us in the summer and the drains overflowed …… not nice 😉

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