My pet hates!

WARNING some expletives were required in the making of this blog post!

Big Mr A's nickname for me at the moment seems to be 'angry bird' maybe I should take the hint?

Big Mr A’s nickname for me at the moment seems to be ‘angry bird’ maybe I should take the hint?

Maybe I am just getting grumpy as I get older but there are certain things that are really starting to annoy me and it is getting to the point where I think I may get into a proper fight with someone!

1. People using lifts when they don’t need to, especially when there is only one or two lifts in the building and especially groups of teenagers that are just pissing about. I have taken to pointing out quite loudly where the stairs and escalators are but haven’t quite had the guts to confront anyone yet!

2. People using parent and child spaces when they (a) either have no child, (b) have a grown up child that can get out unaided, (c) they have a child but are leaving them in the car and (d) disabled people! I challenged a couple once and got a barrage of abuse about their car getting scratched in normal spaces and how us people with kids get everything anyway!!

3. Older children with no thought or respect. I know Little Mr A is no angel but I try and instill in him the same respect for others that my parents did for me. It really bugs me when the parents don’t even acknowledge that their child has been a little shit!

4. Old people being rude. I thought it was supposed to be us young ones that were rude but increasingly I am finding elderly people being very rude. On a recent bus journey, on a packed bus, we made Little Mr A sit next to an elderly lady who had no intention of moving to make it easy for him to sit down. She then said to him that he would have to move if someone with a stick wanted to sit down! I quite loudly pointed out to Big Mr A that the seats were for the elderly and children and at 4 years old I was not having him standing on a busy bus. Thankfully she made no more comments after that!

5. People driving right up your backside, particularly when you are in a long queue if traffic. Can’t you see the baby on board sign arsehole!

Phew, that feels better!  Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like this?!


4 thoughts on “My pet hates!

  1. No you are definitely not on your own!!! Hate people driving too close but my pet hate would have to be groups of teens walking together but all head down on their phones not talking to each other!!!!!!! Whats the point????
    Your right that does feel better 🙂

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