Had an accident? Been a victim of medical negligence? Should you make a claim?

Put yourself in that position. - Compensation culture Discussion

Having worked at firms of Solicitors that specialise in personal injury and medical negligence for 10 years and having had a car accident myself in the past, I have mixed feelings about the compensation culture in this country.
I do think it has all gone a bit crazy and there are some people that are all too quick to make a claim, however, I do feel that a lot of the claims made are justified.

In my case, I was hit from behind by an uninsured driver and although I was not seriously injured I was out of pocket as I had to claim on my insurance and, having not had my car much more than a year, felt I lost out on quite a lot of money. I therefore decided to make a claim basically just to cover my losses and to compensate me for the stress I had been through. I really used to enjoy driving and, still, after almost 7 years, I am a really nervous passenger. I didn’t see why I should be out of pocket as an innocent driver when this idiot had crashed into me when he shouldn’t have even been on the road!

As to the claims I have seen during the course of my job, there are some people that have accidents at work or RTA’s that cause them such serious injuries that they can never work again. Why shouldn’t they be able to claim for their injuries and loss of earnings if it is through no fault of their own? Also, when children are severely injured I think it’s only right that their parents should be allowed to claim compensation to pay for specialist equipment they might need or to provide them with money so they can give up work and look after their child if needs be.

I do agree that some things have gone too far however new rules are imminent which are going to make it a lot harder for solicitors to make money from personal injury claims and will more than likely have to be more picky about those claims they take on.

I know insurance premiums go up as a result of claims made, however, if you were out of pocket for something that wasn’t your fault, wouldn’t you rather pay that little bit extra each year to know that you are able to claim should you need to?

I think that compensation claims are necessary in most cases, however, do agree that some people claim to easily for things that perhaps they should be taking some responsibility for.  Sometimes accidents happen that are not really anybody’s fault!

Also there now seems to be a new type of Claimant who sets up an accident in order to make a claim or claims there were more people in the vehicle in order to make more money.  It is absolutely disgusting that people think it is OK to abuse the system in this way and I just hope this can be stamped out sooner rather than later as it ruins it for the genuine people that need to make a claim.


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