Little Miss A’s first trip to Scotland


As a family we have a big connection to Scotland. Big Mr A’s family are Scottish and his eldest sister lives in Edinburgh. Every year since we have been together we have made at least one trip up, apart from 2012 as we worked out on our trip up this time. We even got engaged in Edinburgh!

Little Mr A had his first trip up when he was 10 weeks old and now Little Miss A has had her first trip up at 11 weeks!

Little Miss A was really good on the journey up, she slept most of the way! She was great for us the first night and enjoyed sleeping in her cousin’s Moses basket!

After a morning playing at Aunty L and Uncle N’s with cousins J and E we went to a soft play centre for the boys to let off some steam! The girls slept much to our annoyance as we had has to pay for them even though they weren’t going to play! Shame on you Scrambles!


After lunch we headed off to the Gyle Shopping Centre where we stopped at M&S for tea and a feed before doing some girly clothes shopping for Little Miss A. Lots of after Christmas sales meant lots of bargains and Little Miss A’s 6-9 month wardrobe now has more than 1 outfit in it!


Back at Aunty L and Uncle N’s Little Miss A decided to have a good old wiggle on cousin E’s playmat and almost managed to roll right over! Then she had a bath with cousin E before Little Mr A had a bath with cousin J, but I don’t think it will be long before they stop wanting baths together!

Little Miss A must have been very tired from all the excitement and wriggling as she slept through for the first time that night!

In the morning Little Miss A had her first bus trip when we visited the National Museum of Scotland. It is a great interactive place for children with lots of different activities and things to do, and best of all, it is free admission. Although the food was perhaps a little expensive it was very nice and seen as entry is free you don’t mind too much. If we go again I think I would be more organised and take a packed lunch with us!


After letting the children play for a while we got them to bed as early as they would go and had a lovely curry before we had to head home the next day.

It is great to have family up in Edinburgh, we have lots of happy memories of being there as a couple and now we are able to share that with our children.



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