Little Mr A’s Nativity – well Chrismas play!


This week we went to see Little Mr A’s first school Christmas performance.  Instead of performing a traditional nativity, in years 1 and 2 they do an alternative performance.


Their performance was called ‘Santa’s new hobby’.  The basic story was that Santa was bored after Christmas and needed something new to do.  Little Mr A was one of 4 Santas (as Santa was the main character there was a bit too much for one 4/5 year old to remember!).


First, Santa entered Strictly Come Dancing but was no good at that!  Next he entertained guests on Come Dine with me, however, they were not impressed with his Christmas dinner!


Next came Little Mr A’s turn.  His ‘new hobby’ was to enter the X-Factor.  Unfortunately he was no match for ‘One Direction’ with his Jingle Bell Rock!  I thought he was the best!


All the children were fantastically behaved and remembered all their lines and the songs which they performed with real enthusiasm and confidence.  The teachers and staff must have worked really hard to get them to perform and behave so brilliantly.


We were very proud parents and are looking forward to showing off his video to all the family over Christmas!


Can’t wait until next year’s performance!


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