Am I mad?!

I’m beginning to feel like a bit of a mug!  I assumed this year as Little Mr A is at school and learning how to write/learning letters that he was expected to write his own Christmas cards.  Cue a couple of stressful hours over the last few weekends of me helping him lovingly write his friends names in the cards as well as his own name.  He was very proud of them and couldn’t wait to give them out to all his friends (in total I think we did around 30!).


He has been receiving his Christmas cards this week and around 90%, maybe more have been written by the parents.  A couple of his friends have written their own names on them but that is it.


Am I the stupid one?  What did you do with your little ones?  Did you write their cards for them or did you sit down and do them together?  I would be interested to know if I’m the only one?!


One thought on “Am I mad?!

  1. I think you did a wonderful job. Nothing is better than having a child proudly write his/her own name (and those of his/her friends names) on a card to give to their friends. Not only is he getting their writing practice in, but its practical and he’s learning the value of giving a gift to someone. He learns how to look past himself. Idunno, maybe I’M the mad one. lol 😉 I think its a good thing. 🙂 Seeing the other parents writing the names just shows that they may not have time or simply do not wish to invest in that time to teach their children by example.

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