Mummy’s big night out

pulpOn Saturday I had a well deserved break from family life and went to Sheffield with my Mum to watch Pulp.

As Big Mr A had taken Little Mr A and Little Miss A to a Christmas party we decided to set off after lunch and make an afternoon of it.  We went to a very busy Meadowhall and after a couple of hours looking round the shops (after a Costa of course!) we went to Cafe Rouge for something to eat.  I can’t remember the last time I got to eat a meal and have a glass of wine without any children wanting my attention, it was heaven!

I have been wanting to see Pulp for years.  I was a bit too young first time around so never got to see them!  They did not disappoint.  2 1/2 hours of Jarvis and the gang performing all of their hits, we barely sat down or stopped singing the whole time!

I had a great night and was surprised at how much I didn’t miss Little Miss A.  I think it is much easier second time around to let go a bit more and let other people do some of the work, although I did give her a big cuddle when I got back!

pulp 2


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