Is it Colic?


Like many first time parents when Little Mr A first started showing signs of colic it took us a while to figure out what was wrong with him and what we could do about it.  After doing some research on the internet of his symptoms and speaking to health visitors we discovered that he had colic.  After we had found out what it was we tried various different products before finding one that worked for him.  Second time around, as soon as Little Miss A started showing the signs we have dealt with it straight away.

Infacol have designed a new ‘App’ on Facebook which aims to help parents to identify signs of colic and advise them appropriately.  I have had a good look at the App and have mixed views.


Although I think it is helpful to new parents to have assistance with identifying symptoms and finding ways to deal with them, I do not agree with self diagnosis and think any information you get off the internet should be discussed with either your health visitor or GP.  The App does tell you to contact a health professional if the answers you provide do not fully relate to colic symptoms, however, if you go through the questions and it does seem like your baby is suffering from colic it just gives a link of where to buy infacol.  There is no information about other products/help available and, although I appreciate it is an infacol App and they are wanting to promote their product, I feel that if they are wanting to help parents they should provide other advice, it should not just be about advertising their product.

There is a disclaimer at the bottom to say you should seek medical advice if you are concerned about the symptoms your baby is showing, however, I think this should be made more clear throughout use of the App.

I am also not sure if Facebook is the right place for the App to be.  I know a lot of people use Facebook but I think for something as serious as your baby’s health, Facebook is not really the right place to be diagnosing symptoms!

Overall I think the App is a good idea as long as the parent uses their common sense and discusses the results with their health professional but I do think it should be a separate App and not on Facebook.

If you would like to check out the App for yourself please click here.


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