Review – Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix Infant Car Seat


We bought this car seat when Little Mr A was born as it fit onto our Bugaboo wheels with the adapters and, after researching various seats available, this was rated one of the safest on the market.

The maxi cosi comes in a wide variety of colours and all have a material sun cover which tucks nicely into the back of the car seat.

Both Little Mr A and Little Miss A were around the same size at birth (7lb 8oz and 7lb 10oz respectively) and were both a ittle buried by the seat to start with, however, after a few weeks fitted nice and snug. 

The seat is very easy to fit into the car using a seat belt or you can buy either an iso fix base or a base that fits into the car using a seatbelt. We could not get the iso fix base as our car would not support it, however, we bought the base that fits with the seatbelt. Although this is not a necessity it makes it a lot easier to get the seat in and out of the car because you just plonk it on the base to put it in, making sure the markers go green and just pull a lever to get it out again. This makes it much easier when you go shopping and someone parks too close to you!!! The only problem with the base is that it is only useable with this car seat so when we have to move onto a bigger one it will be redundant.

The straps are easy to use and there are two material bits that you can slide up to make the straps comfier around baby’s neck.

This has been a great car seat and we are impressed with how long it has lasted, it is still in good condition after getting a lot of use with Little Mr A.

I would definitely recommend this car seat particularly if you have a pram base that you can fit it onto as it is very handy for short trips when you don’t want to take your whole pram with you.


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