Mums are great!

I love my Mum!  OK so we’ve had our ups and downs over the past few years but I’m glad to say we are back to being incredibly close again and are more like best friends most of the time rather than mother and daughter!

How very 80’s!

Growing up it was great having a young mum.  She was always (well nearly always!) full of energy and enthusiasm.  As I hit teenage years that’s probably the time we fell out most.  I was a moody teenager and we just didn’t really get on!


I was devastated when mum moved away to be with her new partner and we didn’t speak for quite some time.  I missed her like crazy, it was horrible not being able to see her and have her there for support and friendship.  Thankfully I finally saw how silly I was being and we got back in touch and haven’t looked back since.


As I have got older and had children of my own it has really made me appreciate everything mum did for me and I hope as a result it is making me a better mum.  I don’t think I could have got through our moving away if mum didn’t live close by.  She has been there for me so much this past year, through the good times and the bad and I hope we never lose contact again.  It is fantastic for both Little Mr A and Little Miss A to have their grandma so close by.

Best friends x

Just want to say thanks for everything mum.  I hope me and Little Miss A have such a good relationship as she gets older.  Can’t wait for our next day out together (Pulp next week!).



2 thoughts on “Mums are great!

  1. That is exactly how I remember your Mum, so pleased you have sorted out your differences. It must have been heart breaking, I would be lost without my mum and would hate to fall out with my kids x

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