Wow week!

This week has been ‘wow week’ at Little Mr A’s school. It has been an opportunity for parents to spend an hour at school with their children to see what they get up to on a daily basis.

I am not sure what I was expecting really, I don’t remember primary school! When we arrived his teacher greeted us and took us through to the classroom. We were then left to spend time with our children on the ‘learning stations’. These consisted of various areas set up with different activities such as play doh, lego, a make and do station with crafts and the computers.

We iced a cake together and I had a look through his learning journey to see what they have been doing.

I came away from school feeling a little disappointed. After the initial introduction we did not see the teacher again although there were a lot of support staff in the classroom and the headreacher was helping out.

I still feel that I don’t really know what Little Mr A actually learns at school and think it would have been better if the teacher had perhaps explained a bit mote to us. I appreciate they are busy but the more parents know what their children do, the more they can support them.

I am sure as Little Mr A gets older he will tell us more about what he does, until then I will just have to keep persevering with questions and be satisfied with the little snippets of information he gives us!


2 thoughts on “Wow week!

  1. Seems like WOW week is a nice idea, but in this case, not very well executed, I think I would have been disappointed too. I’m including this post in the BritMums Education Roundup, due live on Weds 12th December. Look out for Tweets about it and show it some twitter love!!

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