Adjusting to life as a family of four

Well it has been three weeks now since our family of three became a family of four and things couldn’t be going better.

When I first fell pregnant with Little Miss A, from people I spoke to and articles I read online, I was expecting a massive change from having one child to two and was prepared for my life to get a lot harder!

So far I am pleased to say this has not been the case at all.  I am not sure whether Little Miss A is a better baby than Little Mr A or if we are just more relaxed as we know what we are doing this time around.

We have quickly got her into a good feeding routine and are only up once in the night for feeding.  As soon as the first signs of colic appeared we have dealt with it straight away and she now seems much more settled.  Most days Little Miss A sleeps A LOT!  I had forgotten just how much babies sleep and some days I forget I have her!  The only thing that we are having to watch is the cuddling.  Little Miss A is a very cuddly baby and often will not settle unless she is cuddling with Mummy.  This has been really nice for me whilst Big Mr A has been around but now we are back to ‘normal’ I am going to have to be a bit meaner and put her down to sleep or else nothing will get done!

Loving being a big brother!

I think the age gap has helped a lot with things being (dare I say it!) ‘easy’.  It is nice that Little Mr A is at school as I get to spend time with Little Miss A on her own without feeling guilty that I am not spending enough time with Little Mr A.  We are really impressed with how well he has taken to having a little sister.  There is a small amount of jealousy and attention seeking which is only to be expected but, on the whole, he loves having a little sister and is always ‘reading’ stories to her or asking for a cuddle.

I am keeping fingers crossed that family life continues to run this smoothly although I am not naive enough to think that we won’t encounter some problems along the way!

I am really proud of my family and couldn’t ask for two better children.



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