I don’t want to go mummy!

ImageAfter 6 weeks of school I finally had the morning I was dreading today!  Little Mr A has loved school since the moment he started and has always been really keen to go.

We had a really nice walk to school together this morning (I have managed to convince him to leave his scooter at home now until Little Miss A ‘pops out of mummy’s tummy’).  He was chatting away telling me about all his friends.  He was a bit whiny at the school gates as he wanted me to hold his bags so he could go running off on the grass.  As it was wet I told him he couldn’t.

I let him walk to the school door, as usual keeping my distance so as not to get in the way of all the other children trying to get into school (once you go down the path you get stuck!).  I usually wait until I am sure he has gone in before I leave but this morning he just stood in the doorway looking sad.  I couldn’t leave so went to check what was wrong.

Little Mr A burst into tears and said he did not want to go to school today although he wouldn’t tell me why.  Eventually one of his teachers managed to get him to go into school but he was still crying.  I felt so awful having to leave him and it took a lot of effort to hold it together and not run in after him to give him another cuddle.

He’s been so good at going I sometimes forget how young he is and how difficult it must be for him sometimes.

Fingers crossed it was a one off and he will be fine going again tomorrow, I am emotional enough at the moment without Little Mr A making me feel bad!


2 thoughts on “I don’t want to go mummy!

  1. Awe bless him, he maybe is feeling a bit of tension wanting baby to come. Or he had a bad day the day before. Did his teacher say anything when you picked him up?. Try keep it a jolly time see how he goes. Lots of love xxxx

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