The big day is nearly here!

6 weeks to go with Little Mr A

6 weeks to go with Little Mr A – no wonder I made elephant noises during labour – I was the size of one!

 Only one day to go until my due date and I am getting very impatient!  I am at that stage now where I feel like I have been pregnant for years not just 9 months!  Although I am nowhere near as big as I was during my first pregnancy (and can still get into my pre-pregnancy jeans with the help of a belly belt!) I can’t get comfy, don’t sleep properly and just want Little Miss A out so we can get on with enjoying our next stage of family life.

After already having 6 weeks off from work on maternity leave I am getting very bored now.  The house is clean, washing and ironing is up to date, Little Miss A has everything she could possibly need for the first few months of her life, washed and organised in her nursery and I feel like Phil and Holly are part of the family!

 First time around I was incredibly lucky.  The day before my due date, even though I had had no twinges, I went into labour.  I was certainly not expecting this and it took us both by surprise!  After a few hours in labour I went to the local hospital, only to be sent home again as I was not far enough established.  I tried to relax in the bath without any success then proceeded to spend the next few hours rolling around on the floor screaming whilst Big Mr A decided it would be a good time to test out the stopwatch on his phone!  Eventually, when I could take no more I demanded to go back to the hospital.  When we arrived it turned out I was now 7 cm dilated and in too much distress to even try having the water birth I had really wanted.  I quickly grabbed the gas and air and guzzled it down, apparently making lots of elephant noises in the process!  After much screaming and fuss Little Mr A was born at 17 minutes past midnight on his due date.  Not quite the nice relaxed birth I had wanted but I am sure I was not the worst patient ever!

Second time around I am determined this birth will be calmer and more relaxed.  I really want to try a water birth this time and am determined not to scream as much (maybe I should pack a gag in my hospital bag!).  I know that I am probably kidding myself and when the contractions start I shall be, once again, rolling around the floor making lots of fuss!  Big Mr A also has a new phone so I am sure the stopwatch will be tested out again before he can take me to hospital!

So come on Little Miss A we are all desperate to meet you!

1 day to go with Little Miss A – That’s better!


3 thoughts on “The big day is nearly here!

  1. If you do it again on gas and air then a bit of screaming seems perfectly acceptable to me :-)) I copped out both times with an epidural as the ferocity of the contractions with the drip was just unbearable so I have total respect for anyone who goes “natural” !! You will be just fine, can’t wait to meet the wee girl. Will be staying close to my phone!

  2. Loved reading this post – when (all fingers and toes crossed) we’re successful with our second pregnancy, I’ve also said I’d like to try a water birth. Hope you get what you wish for during labour and then you can let me know the highs and lows 🙂 Come on Little Miss A – get a move on 😉 xxx

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