Big Mr A’s Big Fat Hairy Diet

Big Mr A has been unhappy with his weight for a while but, like a lot of people, struggled to find the motivation or effort to do anything about it.  Over the summer we watched the Hairy Bikers dieting programme and he thought if they can do it so can I.  Great, I thought as images of Daniel Craig’s body with Big Mr A’s head flashed through my mind, then the realisation struck me that I would be the one who would have to plan and cook his healthy meals and snacks!  I don’t know about you but the thought of planning meals each week that the whole family enjoys and that don’t break the bank fill me with dread every Sunday!

For Big Mr A’s birthday I bought him the Hairy Dieter’s cookbook and, flicking through found loads of great recipes that would satisfy the whole family.  Some looked quite daunting at first as there were a lot of ingredients and instructions but there are plenty in there for even the most basic cook.

Having used the book for the evening meals for a couple of weeks and, running out of ideas, I decided to go through all of the old recipes I had saved from various magazines and managed to find a few that would fit in with Big Mr A’s diet.  I now have a nice selection of recipes to choose from each week that are great for the whole family.

Having been on the diet now for 5 weeks Big Mr A has lost over a stone and a half (even though he has strayed a couple of times!).  I am really proud of how well he has done, cutting out snacks and especially steering well away from his beloved beer on a Friday/Saturday night.  He is looking so much healthier and his clothes are starting to hang off him already!

I am not looking forward to joining him in a couple of weeks, I have developed a real sweet tooth these last few weeks of my pregnancy and don’t know how I will cope without chocolate, cakes and especially donuts!  Maybe the Hairy Bikers can come up with a recipe for healthy but tasty donuts?!

A couple of our favourite recipes from the Hairy Dieters:

Skinny Lemon Cupcakes when you need a sweet fix

Delicious chicken korma


4 thoughts on “Big Mr A’s Big Fat Hairy Diet

  1. Maybe you can look into stevia as a way of satisfying your sweet tooth. It’s a natural no-cal sweetener, proven safe for kids and diabetics (unlike any of he artificial kinds). Buy a high quality kind that says “no bitter after taste.” I’ve been experimenting with it and it’s super!

  2. Great post – and well done Mr A. The first paragraph had me smiling! I think I might be looking into that cook book as my cousin has also said its really good x

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